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Scenery and information on flight simulator X-Plane.


more information
I make scenery for X-Plane in my spare time.
In Wismar, I was born and live here. Wismar is a small airfield.
Its identifier (ICAO) is EDCW.
Here You can view a short clip you my Wismar Scenery.

virtual airline.

I joined in 2006, a virtual airline.
In this virtual airline "play" we pilot. We, that are my friends and I from the virtual airline.

Unfortunately, this platform has closed its doors in December 2011. I would like to take this opportunity once again to thank Michael Krause, the founder of the VA Interair for the great years! farewell video

We had our own server on which we have flown, or we go on an international platform such as VATSIM.

There is a whole world comes from interested amateur pilots and all "play" there pilot or air traffic controller.

The whole thing is implemented as realistic as possible.
Now I am a member since 2012 at the Leipzig Air.
There are people who have built a cockpit in the basement. fantastic!

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